About Me
Woofersnacks was founded in 2009 by Brooke Baker as a gourmet bakery for dogs. Early that year, I started researching dog food and dog treat allergies. My 5 yr old Puggle suffered many skin allergies that caused him to itch non stop. I spent hundreds of dollars in the past few years on vet bills and medications.

After process of elimination, I found that common allergies for  dogs are the types of food they ingest. After switching over to a better brand of dog food, ( I use Nutro Natural Choice), and eliminating dog treats that have additives, I started baking my own treats in my home. Within weeks, my Puggle’s allergies had diminished greatly and I felt better knowing what ingredients I was putting into his food.

I only bake with the top of the line ingredients. I use organic flours, peanut butter, and proteins to help improve muscle tone and coat, along with maintaining a healthy heart. I never use bi-products, food colorings or corn products in my gourmet treats.